Disclaimer and legal notes

Uhelà is a web directory that catalogues and describes those websites which we consider interesting for web users.
The descriptions of the websites published on Uhelà are based exclusively on what is indicated by their own freeholders and cannot assert anything concerning the truthfulness of offers and services or effective quality of the products proposed .
Furthermore, Uhelà is not responsible about the updating of contents or services offered, because it's not strictly connected to the sites and does not receive any notice about pages' modification or alteration.
Uhelà refuses any responsibility about any civil or criminal offence possibly accomplished by catalogued sites' freeholders which can damage the web users who surf on other websites' pages, starting from its own ones.

Image use

All images of catalogued websites are "snap-shot" of public areas taken as soon as it's described.
Uhelà does not guarantee that the image corresponds with what the users sees when he surfs the website.

Names, brands, logos

All brands and domain names used to represent each catalogued website belong to their respective owners. The logos and images which are possibly present in their dedicated pages have been independently uploaded by sites' freeholders/title holders/administrators.

Service typology

Uhelà does not represent a journalistic service as it's updated without any periodicity and therefore it can't be considered an editorial product, in accordance with the Italian law 7/03/2001, n. 62.