About Uhelà

Service description

Uhelà is a web directory that indipendently gathers and reviews internet resources and high quality websites.
Uhelà's main purpose is to build up an updated catalogue for web users who want to know new and interesting internet websites.

Why are we so special?

There's plenty of web directories on the World Wide Web.
In most cases though the websites catalogued are of low quality, texts are written by webmasters and not by competent people, and the language contained to describe the web sites is in most cases promotional, or thought only to influence search engines.
These types of web directories are as good as a chocolate teapot for the final users. And they don't even mind to be useful, because often they're more interested in gathering some inbound links than in visitors' attention.
On the contrary, Uhelà wants to give exposure to interesting sites and to supply them with a catalogue that can help them reach what they need and cannot find using search engines.
For this purpose, the related descriptions are fully written by Uhelà, using a basic, logical and neutral style, in order to provide the user all the necessary information to know what that specific web site is about.

What kind of sites does Uhelà catalogue?

The Uhelà's list is a list of websites that mainly have an enterprise (typically sales companies), that sell goods and products online (like beauty products or typical groceries e-commerce), and that offer some kind of online services (like ads, chat or auction sites)
We don't have particularly high standards in selecting sites which present some flaws in graphic aspect or technical solutions. We mean that if your website can be correctly seen by main browsers and its contents are reasonably available, you're in.
Quite the opposite, we're particularly careful towards spam, SEO overoptimization, "keywords-in-domain" sites, doorway pages and "just-for-adsense" sites.
Uhelà is not a link farm. And if for a search engine is pretty difficult to define what is spam, for us is another kettle of fish.
Dubious websites are identified already by domain name...

Can I recommend a website?

Absolutely. We keep on looking for the WWW's best and all advice that helps us find out a worthy site is welcome.
You can contact us by e-mail or you can fill in the following form:
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Is the publication on Uhelà a paid subscription service?

Nope. The page's publication and support is totally free.
Additional paid subsription services, in order to improve the websites' visibility on Uhelà, will be proposed, when available, through webmasters' personal control panel.